3’x5’ Brown and Beige Distressed Blocks Area Rug

€104,95 EUR
Defining an understated elegance in its beauty, this Brown and Beige Distressed Blocks Area Rug emphasizes an old-world value with a contemporary touch. The distressed geometric blocks in variegated hues of brown, gray, and beige create an earthy essence with a natural sheen. Machine-woven in the United States with durable polypropylene material which is not only inherently stain-resistant but also very easy to maintain, making it an ideal piece for high-traffic indoor areas. The low pile construction with a refined finish adds to its surface interest, offering a plush underfoot. Designed to shift through time with its neutral color palette, this transitional area rug will be a worthy addition to uplift the splendor of any interior space. 0.32” x 39.37” x 59.84”

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