18” Indigo Orange Geo Tribal Suede Throw Pillow

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The exquisite Indigo Orange Geo Tribal Suede Throw Pillow emblems a captivating piece of décor that exudes an ethnic essence with a modern touch. The attractive pale blue tribal motif is beautifully placed within a circular gradient of sky blue and orange while the curvy square silhouette around the edges in contrasting cream and indigo creates visual intrigue. The velvety-soft aesthetic of the eco-friendly suede fabric provides a classy look while ensuring durability for regular use. The premium quality soft polyfill insert makes the pillow utterly comfortable with a luxurious feel on the touch. The alluring design and bold color palette make this throw pillow a perfect piece to accentuate a tribal touch to any modern or bohemian home. 18” x 18” x 5”

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