5" Waterproof Bamboo Terry Cloth Crib Mattress Cover

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Made of natural bamboo and polyester with a soft quilted peach microfiber layer for comfort, this 5" Waterproof Bamboo Terry Cloth Crib Mattress Cover is one of the top mattress covers on the market. One prime feature of this protector is that it is waterproof. It can hold and absorb more than 42Oz of moisture or liquid while keeping your mattress dry and wicking away moisture from your baby. Another great and unique feature of this mattress pad is a soundless dual layer of waterproof material that is blended with more soft peach microfiber so you will never hear any annoying crinkly plastic noise. This protector is breathable and hypoallergenic, preventing bacteria and mold from breeding in your baby's mattress. Designed like a fitted sheet, this protector stays in place and easy to take on and off. It fits a standard crib mattress of 28" x 52" and can fit mattress heights up to 5".

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