Black and White Active Standing Desk Balance Board

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An incredible standing desk balance board specifically engineered to help you move more, fidget and enhance your workflow in the office. Anti-fatigue mat deck is super comfortable, and the patented design is easy + safe for virtually anyone to use. Gently rock, balance and flow through your workday with this unique standing desk balance board.<br><br><br><br>You’ll feel the difference as soon as you step on the BASE Standing Desk Balance Board. The patented design allows gentle, controlled, non-distracting balancing movements in any direction and the anti-fatigue mat deck provides a comfortable cushion for standing.<br><br><br><br>Most balance boards are so hard to use that you spend all your energy and focus trying to balance and then stand still when you’re getting work done. This standing desk balance board with an anti-fatigue mat deck provides a safe, gentle, controlled range of motion that lets you balance, move and fidget subconsciously while focusing on your work.<br><br><br><br>Many balance boards offer limited left-to-right motion. BASE Standing Desk Balance Board’s patented design is specifically crafted to allow easy, non-distracting balancing motion. You can stand still (without tipping over) and quickly initiate balancing movements in all directions (not just rock side-to-side).<br><br><br><br>1. RELAX: Stand still, without constantly stressing about maintaining your balance or tipping over.<br><br>2. EASY: Quickly step on or off. No assembly, installation, or multiple pieces to organize. <br><br>3. SAFE: Stable design has non-skid bottom and top anti-fatigue mat. <br><br>4. UNLIMITED MOVEMENT: Balance 360, rock side-to-side, tip, or gently move in a complete circle.<br><br>5. COMFORTABLE: Cushioned, anti-fatigue mat deck enhances comfort.<br><br><br><br>Move naturally at your standing desk with the BASE Standing Desk Balance Board.<br><br>All measurements are approximate.

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