Distressed Maple Stain 4 Hole Sugar Mold Candle Holder

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Enliven your home with the unpretentious Distressed Maple Stain 4 Hole Sugar Mold Candle Holder. Exquisitely handcrafted from classic solid wood, it adds a rustic charm with it's Distressed Maple Pecan Stain finish and makes for a great centerpiece in any room around your home. The beauty of the mold lies in it's individuality, since each mold is fashioned with minor imperfections and variations in shape, shades of color and finish. Versatile in nature, the mold is ideal for votive candles, succulents and even makes a terrific stationary holder. Incorporate this authentic tabletop design into your space for an au naturel look. 4.75" x 3.5" x 13.25"

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