Gold and White Floral Printed Shower Curtain

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The nature-inspired floral prints of this Gold and White Floral Printed Shower Curtain will give your bathroom a refreshing natural touch with a modern flair. With glossy golden-bronze floral prints flanked over a white base, this curtain is sure to be the focal point in your bathroom space. This shower curtain is constructed with 100% cotton material which is highly durable to serve you for a long time and is very easy to wash by hand or machine. Pairing it with a vinyl lining will add to its functionality and keep water off the bathroom floor while reducing mold and mildew. You can choose your preferred style of shower curtain hooks, clips, or rings to hang this eye-catching curtain on your shower rod. This shower curtain will not only provide privacy for a relaxing shower but will also add visual interest to the bathroom space. 70” x 72”

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