Set of 4 Brown Tripartite Lumbar Pillow Covers

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Enrich the aesthetics of your contemporary living space with this Set of 4 Brown Tripartite Lumbar Pillow Covers that extrude sophistication and class at its best. The elegant use of charcoal black, milky white, and earthy brown in a uniform striped design with hidden zippers makes it feel harmonious and welcoming to the eyes. Ensuring high-quality craftsmanship by Turkish artisans, this pillow cover is created with 100% polyester fabric that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified to ensure product safety, enhanced durability, and color intensity while cleaning spots is a no brainer. The contrasting tricolor design of this set of 4 pillow covers complements bold and neutral shades brilliantly to help your living space feel lively and inviting. 12” X 20” each. Set of 4.

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