3/4/5/6-Panel Room Divider Fabric Privacy Screen Partition Gray/Brown

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Provide a delicate and beautiful solution to divide your room with our vintage style room divider!


This freestanding and elegant 3/4/5/6-panel room divider can be used for decoration or as a partition. It is perfect to place in the bedroom to create a separate, private dressing area or to section off part of a room. Additionally, the room divider features a strong paulownia wood frame and is covered in durable fabric. It can also be easily folded away to save space when not in use.

  • Color: Gray frame + white fabric / White frame + brown fabric
  • Material: Paulownia wood + fabric cover
  • Size: 41,3" x 64,7" / 55,1" x 64,7" / 68,9" x 64,7" / 82,7" x 64,7" (W x H)
  • With 3/4/5/6 folding panels

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